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Order a Custom DP

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Order a Custom DP Empty Order a Custom DP

Post by Sinfulxl3itch on Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:49 am

Order a Custom DP Crown-11
Order a Custom DP Cool_t10

Hello and welcome to my shop!

If you would like to order a custom made dp made by me, you will have to go through the following steps:

*Accept the rules/ regulations on ordering OhMyGraphix Artwork.
*Hand over a picture of your avatar with transparent background and taken with the IMVU phototool. (this has to do with size and quality matters. We will not be accepting any other photo's from your avatar)
*Give me a detailed describtion of what you would like... (Theme, name on the picture, colors, name of the font using website etc...)
*If possible you can also give me pictures to support ur describtion if you cannot explain it into detail enough.

Please copy this order form and fill it in with a reply to this section on the forum if you would like to order a custom dp from me.

► Prices ◄
Single dp: 8000 Imvu Credits
Couple dp: 15.000 IMVU credits
Add-ons: Extra fee depending on the add-ons.
Payment is send on IMVU too Sinfulxl3itch

**You will not receive a dp untill payment is complete, you are allowed to make ur payment before or after ur artwork is done. A copyright protected image will be shown to you for approval. Once approved you will have to send payment. And will not be able to ask for a refund once you have received ur image nor ask for changes.
**In some cases we are allowed to ask for a down payment of a dp... before working on it. Please know that this is not personal. This is to be scamprotected.

► Order form ◄

-Couple dp - Single dp:
-IMVU avatar name (account buying for):
-Name of the font you would like (using [ ]):
-Theme (in detail):
-Links to support theme/ pictures:

**Customs will be held for 5 days after the sample was send too you, anymore after that, it will be sold as a Premade. You will not be able to complain at the fact that this was ur theme/avatar hence pick up and payment is fully ur own responsibility. However if you can give us a valid reason, we will keep ur dp aside for a bit longer.

Current Slots:


► Refreshment Rules ◄
OMG rules/terms & regulations!
*You may not claim our artworks as your own.
*You may not edit our artwork, other then resizing/ putting a name on it.
*If for some reason you did not claim your custom dp. We are entitled to sell it as a premake. Even if the avatar drawing was referenced by ur avatar. You are responsible of paying and picking up.
*Changes needing to be done by a screw up on our behalf will be free of charge to get changed. However if u decided you want something else other then the description you have given us, you will have to pay extra for changes. (major changes will not be done to the same drawing... ex if u choose a gothic theme dp and suddenly crave for a cute theme it is a totally different drawing and you will be charged for both drawings so best too stick to ur theme)

Order a Custom DP 511526806

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Order a Custom DP Empty Re: Order a Custom DP

Post by Sinneric on Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:58 am

► Order form ◄

-Couple dp - Single dp:
Single DP. Can use any of the screens in my album Male or Female HERE

-IMVU avatar name (account buying for):
iSinneric, { Please put the text ( Nick ) on my DP instead of my imvu username }

-Name of the font you would like (using []):
This or This

Neutrals, Dark purples or blues. Swatches

-Theme (in detail):
80's - 90's grunge. I'm pretty much giving you artistic freedom. You can use anything you want in my refs folder.

-Links to support theme/ pictures:
Ref Folder All refs can be used for Male or Female screens.

Order a Custom DP 1012450026

P.S : Your Link to doesn't work Exclamation  Might wanna update it hun.  ♥️

*Merged all posts involving this order*

Sinfulxl3itch says :
Smile Hi Nick!!!

Thanks for ordering a dp from me Smile!
i accept your request. And you are also first in line ;D.

I do have a job during the week, so this one might take a little bit of time. But i will message you as soon as it is ready.

Hugs  ♥️

P.S ty for notifying me about that link Smile it should work properly now x)

Sinneric says :
@Sinfulxl3itch ,

You're welcome + YAYA!
And That's fine love. Take all the time you need just keep me posted.

( The form needs a way to tag members + get a notification that you have been tagged lol, that'd be great )

Oh and your link works now, Just tested it Smile

Sinfulxl3itch says :
Hey Nick

I was doing some research on the theme. XD i have a few pictures that came up with Google search. Checking if we r on the same page, let me know Wink and if there is a diffy pic or this style is totally not ur liking. Feel free to add some photos to ur theme so we are on the same page. Thanks!

research pictures:
Order a Custom DP Image110
Order a Custom DP Image111
Order a Custom DP Image112


Sinneric says :
Those are great! If you want some more insight though,
Here are these :  X  and  X

And a whole album full dedicated of 80's - 90's grunge inspired clothing for one of My OC's that you can use for the DP if you like. Here

It's what ever floats your boat dear. I like all of them.

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