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S I N N E R I C - Order Customs : {OPEN}

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S I N N E R I C - Order Customs : {OPEN}

Post by Sinneric on Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:18 pm

✝ S I N N E R I C ✝

Open/ Closed

Hello, Please call me Nick. Welcome to my custom shop.

This shop is PYP

I will only do orders that peak my creative interest.
Minimum for pyp is 7k.

Click here to watch my SpeedPaints.


Click For Rules:

As of right now IMVU credits only.
Payment should be sent to iSinneric @IMVU
Be Civil
I will only have 2 Custom slots open at a time.
If my slots are full then do not order please. If you order when slots are full, said form will be ignored. Sorry.
I have the right to deny any order I see fit.
Don't rush me.
I do not do major changes.
One Text only please. No Textless
Usually will hand write text unless asked not to.
Do not steal or alter in anyway.
Do not send payment till final watermarked wip is up + asked.
Please show proof that you have made your payment.
You are not allowed to steal or alter in anyway what so ever. Resize to fit Imvu/DP is Okay
No refunds
Use my form or i'll sadly decline you.
♦ Password = Labyrinth

Other Things to note Include:

Accept the rules/ regulations when ordering OhMyGraphix Artwork.

I always ask for 1 - 2 Weeks to complete my orders. It may or may not always take that long. I'm still in school, Please be considerate of my School work and or the person who has ordered before you.

If I messed up then please tell me. I'll gladly fix anything that was a fault on my part for free. I will NOT how ever, add additional things to your DP that you forgot to add in your original form.

I will hold for 3 days only. Unless give legit reason to hold longer.

If not payed for/ canceled after already Made/Started;

Single Dp's will be sold a premades. Even if it's your Avi. Sorry.
Couple DP's are still required to pay half of payment.No exception. ( I can't sell couples as a premade.)

Only Hiresnobg Screenies for IMVU DP art. ( PLEASE, Do NOT give me Gyazo or Pnt Screen ect.)

Imvu Dp's come in 160x220 size.

Always be detailed in your forms please.


✝  Slot Open   ✝  

✝  Slot Open  ✝  

Form Code:


[center][size=13]Sinner's lovely form ♥[/size]

Screenie/Reference Link:
Colors + theme:
Extras + Details:

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